Helpful Advice

​Things to think about before your motorhome holiday

Travel Documents

Please make sure you have all the necessary documentation with you when you leave, including;

  • Passports
  • USA Visa (if required; most Europeans can enter the USA under the Visa waiver programme.
    (see Visa Waiver information )
  • Motorhome Voucher
  • Air tickets
  • Valid driving licence (for all members who wish to drive)
  • Credit card for local deposit

First Night Accommodation

  • We strongly recommend that you spend your first night in the USA in a hotel. 
  • Same day pick ups are not permitted for customers arriving on international flights.

Vehicle Collection & Return

  • When you arrive at your destination you need to call the local El Monte RV depot and arrange your pick up date/time.  Details will be provided with your booking confirmation. Your vehicle must be returned by 11:00am. On return your vehicle should be clean inside and with a full tank of gasoline. See pick-up information for full details.
  • Upon arriving at the local depot you will need to fill out a standard rental agreement form and provide a valid credit card as guarantee. You will be shown an instructional video to help familiarize yourself with the motorhome and a professional staff member will show you around the vehicle, answer any questions and provide driving guidelines. You will also receive a full instruction manual regarding every aspect of your motor home.

Trip planning

  • We recommend you book your first night campground in advance (see our Campgrounds page) or, if travelling in peak season, you may want to book a few nights in advance. Most campgrounds can accommodate all types of motorhomes and we recommend you request a "pull through" site to make parking your motorhome easier.

On the Road

  • Immediately you leave the rental location, we recommend you buy some necessary food essentials. Most rental locations will have a local map and a nearby supermarket you can get to easily. Parking is not a problem; there are usually spaces for a motor home. Once you’ve filled the fridge and familiarized yourself with the vehicle, it’s time to hit the open road. If this is your first time, don’t worry, motorhomes are no harder to drive than a large car. Take it slowly to start with and build up your confidence. You will quickly appreciate how easy it is to drive a motorhome.
  • El Monte provides a full roadside assistance program which is available during normal business hours and most holidays throughout the year. Details provided at check in.

At the Campground

  • We recommend, for your first night, to get to a campground as early as possible so you can become familiar with the ‘hook up’ process in daylight. Most RV campgrounds have ‘full hook’ up facilities (water, electricity & waste) A 'pull through' site is great for the bigger vehicles because you can drive in one end and straight out the other. 


  • The cost of a gallon of petrol in the USA varies from state to state. Please click here to view current fuel prices.